By Michael Leppert

Homeschoolers who lived in California during the 1990s remember the chilling name of Delaine Eastin, who was the State Superintendent of Education and a very staunch opponent of homeschooling and parental autonomy.  Sen. Richard Pan must have learned his lessons in parental draconia from Ms. Eastin’s playbook.

Pan’s dark shadow over parental rights has been much more powerful than Eastin’s attempts, but the word is that she is planning to run for California Governor

Eastin told the Los Angeles Times, “I’m a very frustrated person who’s been watching from the sidelines for some time now…. I want people in Sacramento who are going to put the children first again.” However, homeschoolers regularly win spelling bees and score 15% higher on the SAT, on average, than their institutional counterparts. So, why is Eastin so against homeschoolers and homeschooling? If she actually imagines herself to want to put children first, she needs to keep her concentration and energy on the institutional schooling of California – not homeschoolers. The 69-year-old Eastin will have to live another hundred years to see California’s public school students equal the homeschoolers in the Golden State. . . or longer.

Eastin was very skilled at creating chaos and divisiveness in her former position. As the Homeschool Legal Defense Association summarized her actions, “During her reign, acrimony developed between the public school and homeschool communities.” Now, that’s what we need in office, right? Another chaos creator, another developer of acrimony and division. Eastin is a bully — and we need to stop bullying, from the top down.

Please make sure that if Delaine Eastin does run for governor, vote against her no matter what and campaign against her as strongly as possible. You have already lost the battle of parental health-care rights thanks to Richard Pan, don’t give up your educational autonomy to another enemy of parents. MjL