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Little Passenger Seats

If you’re trying to decide what to do when your children outnumber the seats in your SUV, Little Passenger Seats can be a lifesaver, adding third- and sometimes fourth-row seating without the need to purchase a new vehicle. Little Passenger Seats are individually made and manufactured providing custom-designed seats to fit virtually every SUV sold in North America. Each seat is built on a rigid jig-welded steel frame with ½” thick particleboard mounted to the frame, forming the platform for the comfortable seat foam.  Often, the seats can be covered with factory upholstery to match individual interiors. Optional retractable shoulder belts and adjustable headrests are available. Headrests are especially important for rear-facing versions of the Little Passenger Seats. Each Little Passenger Seat fits into the vehicle’s cargo space and is designed to comfortably accommodate two to three children.  Little Passenger Seats produces a safe and sturdy product that adds valuable, cost-effective, custom seating to most SUVs.

Why Were You Born? – A Speck of Dust to a Son of God

Fresno County Homeschool Support Groups & PSP’s

The most important thing for homeschool success is to mingle and socialize with other homeschooling families. Being a member of a support group allows you to share resources and information with them as well as to remind you that you are not alone in your home-teaching journey. Your county support groups can offer you contact with families with common goals and interests to yours.

Note: Our information includes both Parent-led Homeschool Support Groups and Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs) formerly known as Independent Study Programs (ISPs).

The difference is that typically, the Parent-led Homeschool Support Groups are created by families for families to get together for social activities, such as park days, P.E. activities, organized classes, field trips and other “group” types of endeavors. Some require a general membership fee, but most do not. You can usually show up at a park day and meet the parents and children to see how you like the group. 

Fresno County Directory of Homeschool Support Groups

  • Fresno and Madera Homeschoolers [FAM] – Includes homeschooling families from Fresno, Madera, and surrounding counties in Central California. Our purpose is to offer support to local homeschoolers, and provide group activities and discussion. Our group is open to all homeschoolers, regardless of method or other affiliations. In addition to encouraging discussions among local homeschoolers, this is also a place to post and find out about homeschooling activities in the Central Valley.
  • Fresno Christian Home Educators of Fresno Association [CHEFA] – Serving Fresno, Madera, Clovis, Reedley, Kingsburg and other Central California areas. Membership. This is a non-profit organization providing information, training, activities and support to the Christian Home School Community of the greater Fresno area. All functions offered by CHEFA are provided by volunteers. Contact information: Email Sally Motsenbocker.

Fresno County Directory of Public Charter Schools

Opportunities For eLearning is a virtual high school that allows students to work at their own pace in an environment that encourages inclusion and healthy self-expression.  OFeL’s highly-qualified teachers are dedicated to helping every student find the inspiration that pushes them to graduation.

Live tutoring, AP and dual-credit courses, and SAT/ACT assistance ensures that every student who wants to be, is college-ready. OFeL provides engaging learning environments for students, utilizing research-based strategies and data-driven instruction, while meeting the needs of all learners. Teachers present fundamental instruction in real-time, allowing live participating and student-teacher interaction, while classes are also recorded and archived to allow students to review as many times as necessary.  Small class sizes allow teachers to manage collaborative learning sessions and provide students with vibrant discussion to increase their higher order thinking skills.

To support social growth, OFeL provides free field trips to leadership camps, wilderness retreats, sports, clubs, and college tours. These trips encourage students to break out of their comfort zones and connect with their peers, while building life-long skills including teamwork, leadership, and creative problem-solving.

Opportunities for eLearning is WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited, and all teachers meet Highly Qualified requirement guidelines under the Federal No Child Left Behind Act.

To enroll in OFeL, visit our WEBSITE and FILL OUT FORM or call

Fresno County Directory of Businesses & Services

At this time there are no listings for PSPs in Fresno County.