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Santa Cruz County

David Chandler has created Math Without Borders – a series of Home Study Companion video lessons to accompany the most rigorous and thorough math textbooks available, while maintaining a student-friendly approach. He is an experienced teacher of mathematics, but has also taught physics, astronomy, and computer programming. After working with homeschool families at a charter school, he wanted to develop the materials and resources families need to teach high school math at home. The Math Without Borders series offers Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2/Trigonometry. Each one is meant to be accompanied by a separate textbook that can be purchased online. Algebra 1 lessons accompany the textbook “Algebra 1: ExPressions, Equations, and Applications”. David Chandler utilizes opportunities for real learning to occur through his video lessons. He teaches students the principles and concepts behind the work being completed. These detailed explanations, illustrate the new information learned, while emphasize the connections between concepts.

Santa Cruz County Homeschool Support Groups & PSP’s

The most important thing for homeschool success is to mingle and socialize with other homeschooling families. Being a member of a support group allows you to share resources and information with them as well as to remind you that you are not alone in your home-teaching journey. Your county support groups can offer you families with common goals and interests to yours.

Note: Our information includes both Parent-led Homeschool Support Groups and Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs) formerly known as Independent Study Programs (ISPs).

The difference is that typically, the Parent-led Homeschool Support Groups are created by families for families to get together for social activities, such as park days, P.E. activities, organized classes, field trips and other “group” types of endeavors. Some require a general membership fee, but most do not. You can usually show up at a park day and meet the parents and children to see how you like the group. 

Santa Cruz County Directory of Homeschool Support Groups

  • Coast and Valley – A Christian support group that offers a monthly Mom’s night out meeting, an e-newsletter, as well as seasonal park days and occasional field trips. Contact information: Email Rebekah Crill or call ..
  • Monterey Bay Unschooling Network – An all-inclusive network for Monterey Bay area unschoolers. Contact information: Email Annie Twist Lubke.
  • Santa Cruz Christian Homeschoolers – An online support group for parents in Santa Cruz County. We welcome Christians of all denominations. We offer online support, announcements of events of interest to homeschoolers, a forum for exchanging homeschool materials locally, field trips that members post, park gatherings and of course prayer requests are always welcome. Membership is free.
  • Santa Cruz Homeschooling – Free, inclusive Homeschool Parent Support Group for adults and babies in arms. We meet on the second Monday of every month (12 times a year) from 7-9 pm at the Educational Resource Center of Santa Cruz, 224 Walnut Ave., Santa Cruz, in order to share our joys and challenges in homeschooling. Tea, chocolate, and laughter provided. Contact information: Email Heddi Craft or call (831) 818-8178, or Email to Join Group.

Santa Cruz County Directory of Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs)

At this time there are no listings for PSPs in Santa Cruz County.

Santa Cruz County Directory of Businesses & Services

At this time there are no listings for PSPs in Santa Cruz County.