Alameda County

  • Sing Your Way Through Science with Lyrical Learning!Lyrical Learning is a fun, powerful way to learn basic science facts. Your child will learn science facts and concepts by singing familiar melodies. The creator took familiar songs like “Oh, Susanna” and wrote new lyrics of science facts, terms or concepts to the melodies. You remember what you sing! See the website today to order or call (800) 761-0906.
  • Basic Skills offers homeschooling families Standardized Achievement Testing in group or private settings, taking the guesswork out of your testing needs. Why Do Achievement Testing? Test scores are useful for: Assessing academic strengths and weaknesses, Planning future lessons, Complying with state requirements, Recording student academic progress. How To Do Achievement Testing – Test your child at home, National Achievement Tests – California Achievement Test CAT/TerraNova 2 and 3 testing in: Math, Reading, Language Arts – Visit today! E-mail:

  • The Hilbert Museum of California Art – 714 516 5880 • 167 N Atchison St, Orange, CA 92866
    Free admission and Free parking. Temporary limited hours are Tues-Fri 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. (closed Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays.) Masks required inside. High-quality art of California history, Nostalgic visions of bygone eras, Bring visual knowledge to your family – FREE, See website for current exhibitions, A variety of artists are represented. 
  • Signing Online – Learn a new language ASL (American Sign Language) first and then Exact English!, Become a registered Interpreter for the Deaf, Many universities recognize ASL as satisfying the foreign language requirement, Learn to sign in British, Korean, French & others, If you are searching for an interesting and challenging new endeavor, signing may be just right for you! Full curriculum online!
  • Peterson Directed Handwriting for Homeschoolers – The Peterson approach is rhythmic and smooth, providing less strain on hands and developing a lifelong skill in cursive handwriting. It joins vocal activity with handwriting, quickly eliminating the need for the student to see a letter visually, to know how to make it. Peterson is not a trace and copy method, but an actual, fully-engaging handwriting method. The website also offers 10 video lessons to give parents a firm insight into the value of the Peterson method to their child. Visit today and see just how valuable Peterson Directed Handwriting is!

  • Are you new to Homeschooling? Solimar Academy Is for YouSolimar Academy, a Premier Independent Study Program for Career and Life Success, is here for you! Solimar provides: Personal Blueprint for your child’s individual Learning Style! • Completely customized curriculum plan! • Personal Coaching • Special Education guidance offered
    Solimar students are happy, productive and self-driven, because Solimar guides each family to a plan that makes that happen! Visit today and let 30-year experienced Director Dawn guide your homeschooling experience!

  • American Academy — Homeschooling, Pre-K-High School – American Academy offers Pre-K-12 Christian-based curriculum online or correspondence style, with books and materials sent back and forth in the U.S. Mail. The academic programs are self-regulated and flexible, so the parent simply has to supervise completing assignments on time and properly. Call: 866-605-7772 or Email: for more information
  • EIE Academy – for Unique Classes & the Standard Curriculum – Online for the Fall Semester of 2020-21 at Least
    The EIE Academy, a PSP (Private School Satellite Program) aka Umbrella Academy, offers K-12 classes in a variety of subjects both Online and In-person to serve all families in California. Class Schedule see – (626) 821-0025

  • Bechtel Books’ Speedy Spanish Curriculum – Bechtel’s Speedy Spanish teaching curriculum is ideal for the family who wants to learn Spanish. From first grade to high school and adult, the program includes coloring books, instruction books for levels I and II, CD versions of the books, Answer Keys and Teacher’s Guides. Visit the website and see the bundle offers and discounts available from Speedy Spanish!
  • Alger Learning Homeschool Programs – We offer local and long-distance learning. We help you to homeschool your way with flexibility and 38 years of experience.

  • Branson Academy – We are a private homeschool satellite program that serves all counties in California.  High school, special needs, or brand new to homeschooling? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy experienced support through our K-12 program. We take care of school transfers, maintain your child’s academic reports and transcripts, and help you homeschool successfully. Easy, affordable, flexible. Call Cynthia Simunovich at 831.726.3235 for personal guidance in exploring your home-based educational options.
  • Sycamore Academy – Fully Accredited, Ready To Help
    Sycamore Academy is fully accredited and provides homeschool educational services online and with live classes taught by certified teachers to students in grades K-12 all over the world. Thousands of K-12 students have trusted Sycamore Academy and graduated from our program. We love to speak with parents about our services. Call us at (817) 645-0895 or email questions to
  • Alameda Oakland Homelearners [AOHL] – Members foster friendships, organize activities, and share resources. Meet us in Alameda at Lincoln Park the 1st Thursday of the month. Ask for a Greeter. Call Contact information: Email Kristin Sherman Olnes or call (510) 851-5301.
  • Bay Area Homeschool Field Trips [BAHFT] – An e-mail group for homeschoolers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Get information on field trips, classes, and events of interest to homeschoolers. Any member may organize trips, and post events sponsored by other groups.
  • Bay Hills Home Educators Support Group – Provides support and encouragement to those who choose to home educate their children under God’s guidance and direction. Each family is expected to serve in one area each year to provide a wide variety of activities for the group. Although our group is conducted by Christian standards all families are welcome. Contact information: Email Linda Luebker or call (510) 733-3118.
  • Families for Him – Serving Fremont, Milpitas and surrounding areas. We are open to any members! Most of us are Christian, but not all. We welcome anyone and everyone! We have great Mom’s night outs, fun, monthly park days, field trips and lots of encouragement and support. We also have a monthly Girls Club! Free to join!
  • Homeschool Pal’s Parent Co-op – A support playgroup created for homeschooling families who are located in the East Bay. Join us for playdates, fun & creative learning and social activities based primarily in the Hayward/San Leandro/Fremont area. We’re an all inclusive group with children between the ages of 4-8 years old. Contact information: Email Homeschool Pal’s Parent Co-op.
  • LINKS – LINKS (Love, Inspire, Nuture, Know, Support) is a ministry of Bridges Community Church in Fremont and is a Christian homeschool support group. We offer field trips, annual yearbooks, school photos, mom’s night out support, and some pretty amazing holiday and end-of-year parties! Contact information: Email Amy Genthner-Wright.
  • Little Scholars of Alameda County – We are a homeschool group geared for younger children (ages 3-7 and siblings). We meet for field trips, park days, social activities and other member initiated events. Contact information: Email Desiree Springer.
  • Saint Joseph, Guardian of the Redeemer Chapter – TORCH of the East Bay, Catholic perspective. Contact information: Email Joni Durling or call (925) 757-6896.
  • Tri-City Homeschoolers [TCH] – A loosely-structured, all-inclusive group of homeschool families from the Fremont-Union City-Newark area, South Alameda County. We have weekly Park Days, Activities, Annual Talent Show and Summer Games. Contact information: Email Catherine Dorman, or Email Gretchen Mora.
  • Tri-Valley Explorers Homeschool Support Group [TVE] – An all-inclusive homeschool support group serving the SF East Bay, primarily Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Members plan and coordinate activities, park days, classes, field trips, and co-ops, etc. Contact information: Email Tri-Valley Explorers Homeschool Support Group.



Farm Fresh to You – Bringing Fresh Organic Produce to Your Door!23808 State Highway 16

Capay, CA 95607
800.796.6009, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PDT

by Emerson Sandow

If you live in California, imagine having farm fresh vegetables delivered right to your home every week! In this age of canned reality via the Internet and T.V., and frozen dinners in the microwave, vegetables are one item that can be had un-canned and un-zapped!

FARM FRESH TO YOU is a dream realized by Kathleen Barsotti and Martin Barnes and ultimately their entire family. Kathy and Martin began organically farming in 1976 at their Capay Organic in Yolo County, California.

Farming organic produce was a struggle in the early years, as the regulations for certifying crops as organic were strict, but such natural farming is a passion and belief, not merely a way to make money and the business grew through Farmers’ Markets and supplying some Bay Area gourmet restaurants with fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables that provided a “live” flavor and potent nutrition to their patrons.

The offspring of Kathy and Martin grew up with Capay Organic and learned the family business, in addition to other endeavors. In 1992, Kathy began FARM FRESH TO YOU, a farm-to-home/office delivery program that brings fresh, organic fruits and vegetables right to customers’ doors! Kathy’s idea grew well and paid off in expanding business and satisfied customers. As a result, in the past 16 years, her sons and their wives have taken over the farm and FARM FRESH TO YOU, continuing the legacy that Kathy and Martin began 40 years ago.

All who appreciate fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are the beneficiaries of their work and you can enjoy this excellent service too! To become a customer, you simply go to the website type in your Zip Code to see if you are in the FARM FRESH TO YOU delivery range and if you are, you then choose the box size, the content mix and frequency of delivery and place your order. It could not be simpler. You are not locked in to a commitment, either. You can change the contents of your box or suspend delivery to suit a change in your schedule or vacation. If you are a regular partaker of organic produce, you know how delicious these vegetables are and the convenience of having them brought right to your door makes ordering from FARM FRESH TO YOU an easy decision for health and great taste! Please visit the website, peruse their wide selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables and get ready for a wonderful organic experience! E.S.

Excellence In Education (EIE) based in Monrovia, serves all of California as the largest homeschool book/game store & resource center in the state, offering an extensive array of products, services and guidance based on many years of experience. Ph: (626) 821-0025. offers an accredited, complete middle school & high school online curriculum. Complete from Assessment to SAT Prep & graduation – including diploma. Visit,  ore-mail, or Ph: (877) 4ED-0805.