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“This is the first tool that I have utilized that has had significant and consistent impact on my students’ handwriting. Not only have students developed the skills necessary to form their letters appropriately, but when they are ready to transition to regular paper they carry those skills over to their daily writing.” — 2nd grade teacher’s feedback. ====================

by Mary Leppert

One of the greatest failings of the public school Common Core Curriculum is the omissions of teaching cursive handwriting and putting forth the idea that it is an archaic, useless skill. Nothing could be more inaccurate or damaging to a generation of children who will grow up being unable to read or write cursive. Recent brain research has demonstrated that writing print and cursive activates different areas of the brain from each other and that putting information on paper by hand makes the information more memorable; taking lecture notes is the obvious example. Also, the act of printing/writing develops fine- motor skills so necessary later in life. Fortunately, homeschoolers know the truth: Being able to write and read cursive handwriting is indispensable. Also fortunate is the fact that there are many excellent programs and materials for cursive instruction. One of the companies that create and supply these materials is Channie Bohaceff developed her writing materials to aid her son, who had struggled with handwriting skills for years. Her worksheets helped him dramatically and his teacher told Channie that many other children would benefit from using her materials. Channie developed her products in earnest for availability to anyone who wanted them.

Channie’s offers a series of patent-pending printing and cursive practice workbooks, similar to a customized form of graph paper, in two different types of block letter sizes: One for Pre-K to 1st grade and the other for 1st to 3rd grades, which are suited for both levels of fine-motor skills. These workbooks make learning and practicing printing and writing enjoyable, rewarding and successful. Channie’s line of Handwriting Workbooks cover the needs of  all students — beginning writers, ages 3 to 10 and children with learning challenges of all ages and the adults who teach these children, whether parents or therapists. The 80 heavy paper pages of the workbook can be removed or left intact, allowing the student to practice anywhere and take his/her work along. No doubt, once your child experiences the thrill of printing/writing in a neat, uniform “more grown-up” fashion, you won’t have to coax or command practice – the workbook will be filled in no time and it will be on to the next one! In addition to the writing workbooks, Channie’s also offers a line of Math LineUp Pads that teach your child how to write addition and subtraction problems in line and correctly. Here, again, developed handwriting skill is essential. Using Channie’s Math LineUps will help your child learn how to arrange the digits uniformly and organize them to keep computation clear, for life-long math work!

Channie’s workbooks are very affordable and if you become a member, you will receive a 20% discount off of your order. Visit the Channie’s website at today and help your child to gain mastery of the fundamental skill of writing.  M.L.