As we enter the school season amid the uncertainty caused by Covid-19, it is an opportunity for parents of students normally in school to evaluate their options.

The school reopening in some counties is being left up to individual districts, rather than centralized county-wide decision making.

While not entirely valuable for Covid-19 status, this website shows school information by county and is a place to begin the search for your locale:

This is an excellent time for parents to examine the resources available in the non-religious “homeschooling” realm should schools remain closed and distance learning continue as a necessity.

There are many online academies that have been serving regular homeschooling families for years and can provide Covid-19 “new” (temporary) homeschoolers with assistance in curriculum choice and delivery.

Some, such, are designated as PSPs – Private Satellite Programs, (aka Umbrella Programs) which means that your home-based school becomes a satellite of their school. These are private schools, not charter schools. Charter schools, whether online or onsite, receive state and federal government funding for each student they enroll.

Other online resources include specific subjects caught via video. There are many math programs available for K-12. For the lower middle school level, includes webinars discussing fractions and other math topics.

For middle and high school grades, offers instruction in Algebra I and II, Trigonometry, Physics and Calculus — all in video lectures available online. Many of these offerings have been created by experienced classroom teachers who want to reach more students via online.

Easy Grammar – is great for English (spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.) offers extensive curriculum and guidance for many subjects.