Kids Cook Real Food! – Online Video Culinary Adventures for All Ages

by Joseph Grayhaim

For the past 10 years, everywhere we look we see celebrity cooks and chefs! Television, YouTube, magazines at the supermarket, all are brimming with broadly-smiling kitchen technicians in their “whites”, competing for your gastronomic interest. It is definitely time for the kids to be involved in the culinary excitement and Katie Kimball is offering your family the opportunity to learn the ways of the kitchen with her online culinary curriculum, Kids Cook Real Food!

Katie has a complete line of video lessons that, along with parental guidance, will provide your child with the exciting and confidence-building work of actually preparing and cooking real meals. Cooking is the perfect Unit Study hub, offering a large number of skills to be developed and subjects to be addressed all while having an excellent time together!

Kids Can Cook Real Food is divided into 3 levels of coursework:

Beginning Level focuses on small motor control, dexterity, and basic kitchen skills.
Intermediate Level focuses on recipe independence, intro to sharp knives and stovetop safety
Advanced Level
focuses on sharp knife skills, oven safety and making meals independently.

With an eye toward Unit Study aspects, here are a few of the skills and topics covered:

•  Knife Safety (manual dexterity)
• Spice Exploration (cultural geography)
• Measuring ingredients (math)
• Spatula use (manual dexterity)
• Respect for the stove (safety and sense)

Yes, believe it or not, your 8-year-old CAN learn to handle a small French knife or a paring knife safely and well. Trusting your child to perform such a “grown-up” activity will build well-deserved self-esteem and confidence and a sense of responsibility.  Children take pride in their cooking and they develop respect for food – where it comes from, what it take to procure it (energy and money) and what it takes to put it on the table. Moms no longer have to act as the harried preparer of food that may or may not be fully appreciated. When you have your little ones working with you, they lighten the load and appreciate the resulting meals.

You can be certain that the Unit Study topics you can apply will stay with your children as well, since they will reinforce the math and cultural concepts with every new meal planned and cooked. A quick glance at the pleased mom reviews on Katie’s website will show you how broadly her online course serves the needs of many families.

Finally, the less processed food your family ingests, the better your health will be. With children preparing fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and beans, you can serve whole-food meals and snacks that build life value, not damage it. As Hippocrates said in 431 BC, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Plus, your children will be learning of the value of whole foods that will stay with them for life.

 Please visit Katie Kimball’s website, and see all that it holds for your family and future culinary extravagances! JG