Los Angeles County

  • Oak Knoll Virtual Academy
    • Full-time teachers available daily from 8 am – 2:30 pm daily.
    • Student access to teachers via phone, in-person visits (pending COVID-19 restrictions) and virtual classrooms Monday through Friday.
    • Oak Knoll teachers are experienced and work as a team to support all students.
    • Accredited by WASC (Western Association of Schools & Colleges) and NCAA-approved.
    • On-campus workshops, small group instruction,  lab activities, hybrid models of instruction and learning days (pending COVID-19 restrictions).
      Serving students in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Bernardino & Kern counties.
      For more information: please visit www.okvaonline.org, call 626-914-3961 or email okvaweb@cousd.net
  • Branson Academy – We are a private homeschool satellite program that serves all counties in California.  High school, special needs, or brand new to homeschooling? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy experienced support through our K-12 program. We take care of school transfers, maintain your child’s academic reports and transcripts, and help you homeschool successfully. Easy, affordable, flexible. Call Cynthia Simunovich at 831.726.3235 for personal guidance in exploring your home-based educational options.
  • A ThousandMoor Homeschoolers – A free inclusive, eclectic homeschooling support group with preschoolers to teens. We offer weekly park days, weekly field trips, classes and clubs as well as beach days during the summer. Our intent is to provide homeschooling families the experiences that will enrich their homeschool journey. All members have an equal voice in group operation as well as field trip and event planning. Serves members in Ventura County. Contact information:Email Cathy Linson.
  • California Teen Homeschoolers – a secular non-political support group for all families with teen homeschoolers. Please send info that will aid other teen homeschoolers, set up teen activities, classes or other learning activities. Also please ask questions, share insights, or recommend various offerings. Contact information: Email Lisa Jackson or call (818) 880-6029.
  • Conejo Valley Christian Homeschoolers – Christian homeschool support group serving the Conejo Valley. We offer fun, fellowship, park days and support. Contact information: Email Kathy Mirtorabi.
  • Culver Westchester HomeSchool Network [CWHN] – We are an “inclusive” community; we value and respect the various educational philosophies and diverse religious and cultural views of our members. Our common ground is that we are all home educating. Contact information: Email Patty Biner.
  • DragonTree Home Learners – This inclusive, diverse, non-directed support group meets weekly in El Dorado Park in Long Beach on Wednesday afternoons for play and conversation with kids of all ages from toddlers to teens. Founded as an unschooling support group, all homeschoolers are welcome. Our primary goal is to provide plenty of freedom for our children to develop their own games, make complex creations, explore new relationships, and develop close friendships. Meet for fun, discussion, support, occasional activities or field trips. Contact information: Email Karri Lewis.
  • East San Gabriel Valley Homeschoolers [EastSGVHS] – This support group meets in San Dimas, LA County, on Fridays from 10-12 or whenever people leave. Contact information: Email for Information.
  • Family Centered Education of Los Angeles [FaCE-LA] – We are an inclusive, loosely organized support group. FaCE-LA meets for park days on the first and third Thursday of every month in Glendale. Our activities include: book clubs, science and nature classes, a movie-making group, field trips, physical education, Moms’ night out, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, craft fairs, curriculum fairs, potlucks and much more. Located at: PO Box 264, Tujunga, CA 91043. Contact information: Email Colleen Paeff or call (323) 664-9408.
  • Free You Free Me – We meet weekly in a Beverlywood area park and have field trips throughout LA. Our members are mainly from Beverly Hills, Century City, Rancho Park, Culver City, Brentwood, Hollywood, Cheviot Hills, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica and the San Fernando Valley. We are here to connect with each other in celebrating our children and our families in our ultimate pursuit of happiness-the freedom to be. We are here to love, support, inspire, empower and honor each other as parents who enable our children to enjoy the freedom to follow their hearts and dreams. We are here to band together for a sense of loving community and provide opportunities for bigger group-play fun. Contact information: Email Linjia Jablon.
  • Home4Kids – An inclusive group for homeschoolers in Pasadena and its surrounding areas. We meet every Tuesday, and also have a girl scout troop. Contact information: Email for Information.
  • Homeschooling In Santa Clarita Valley – Homeschooling In Santa Clarita Valley offers field trips, parkdays, workshops, bowling, chess club, arts & crafts, themed events, camping trips, various group classes and more! Contact information:Email for Information.
  • HomeSchoolLA.org – A website for LA homeschool families providing support, friendship, and resources. Contact information: Email Kat Alexander.
  • LA Jewish Homeschoolers – We are open to all Jewish homeschooling families, regardless of denomination or affiliation, living in or around the Los Angeles area who wish to connect with other Jewish homeschooling families for social and educational purposes. In order to maximize inclusiveness, the kosher laws will be observed at all functions organized by this group. Contact information: Email Shari Rosenman or call (310) 876-1192.
  • San Gabriel Valley Homeschool Christian Connection – Networking Group for Christian Homeschoolers in and around the San Gabriel Valley. Contact information: Email Jane Chesshir.
  • Santa Monica Homeschooling – Weekly park days and a discussion group. Completely inclusive — don’t care what your religion is or if you have one at all, would love to hear about your homeschooling style whether you’re an unschooler or curriculum-based or somewhere in-between. Our only rule is play nice! Contact information: Email Deborah or call (310) 319-0498.
  • Santa Monica West Los Angeles Whole Life Learners – We are progressive/liberal minded, unschoolers/ whole life learners or alternative oriented independent homeschoolers who are interested in following our child’s interests. Our common thread is respect for our children and their interests and having FUN! We meet for park days weekly.
  • SDP Home Scholars of Southern California – SDP Home Scholars of Southern California is a secular, diverse, and progressive group created to provide socialization, support & resources. Contact information: Email Sage.
  • Secular Home Educators Parkdays – Support group for secular non-sectarian homeschoolers.
  • South Bay Home School Network – Our goal is to create an environment where homeschoolers can meet, exchange ideas, and build relationships. We offer many different ways to connect with other homeschoolers. You may attend park days listed on our calendar, join our email loops and/or attend classes, field trips and activities offered on our newsletter. Contact information: Email Tamah Kushner.
  • West Valley Homeschoolers of Los Angeles – We are a diverse group and have something for all ages. WVHomeschoolers’ is a great place to keep up with activities in the Los Angeles, California, homeschooling community. We share information, keep members informed, and act as a liaison to the wider community as a whole. Contact information: Email Lisa Jackson.
  • Youth Leadership Project – Offering classes and activities in the San Fernando Valley for homeschooling students/teens taught by mentors using Thomas Jefferson Education Principles. Contact information: Email Shawn Crane or call (818) 716-7220.




In-Home Tutoring Elementary And Middle School

Harriet Cooper is a Special Education teacher with 20 years’ experience. She is a reading specialist; instructing students with challenges in decoding and comprehension using Lindamood Bell’s Seeing Stars, as well as spelling and syllable rules.

She has expertise doing homework support and helping students with study skills/organization. She works well with elementary and middle school children. Call 818-694-7431 or email hcoophar@yahoo.com


Oak Park Independent School, Oak Park USD

(818) 735-3217
Who are our Independent Study Students?
Those who need an individualized alternative to large campuses
• Athletes
• Gifted & Talented
• Actors/Fine Arts
• Equestrians
• Traveling Students
• Academically Advanced
• Students with health-related issues

BRANSON ACADEMY PSP Private School Satellite Program

What is a “Homeschool Satellite Program?”

Back in the day, it was called an “Umbrella Program” or Independent Study Program.  But because they didn’t actually provide any books, or curriculum, it was sometimes confused with the public school independent study programs. State homeschool groups started calling the service we offer a PSP (Private School Satellite Program)… which sounds a little like an Internet provider, right?  So, now we just call ourselves a Homeschool Satellite Program.

When you enroll in a PSP (or HSP) you are “under the umbrella” of the private school.

Why is that important? Well, it protects you from harassment — from anti-homeschool neighbors, or family, or school district employees, or anyone who is aghast that you are “What? Teaching your OWN kids!”

AND, you still get to home school your way. Cool, huh?  AND, we take care of all your records — attendance, grades, transcripts, diplomas.  Important stuff that schools usually handle. Visit Branson Academy www.bransonacademy.com today and see all they have to offer.





Farm Fresh to You – Bringing Fresh Organic Produce to Your Door!


23808 State Highway 16
Capay, CA 95607
800.796.6009, 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PDT

by Emerson Sandow

If you live in California, imagine having farm fresh vegetables delivered right to your home every week! In this age of canned reality via the Internet and T.V., and frozen dinners in the microwave, vegetables are one item that can be had un-canned and un-zapped!

FARM FRESH TO YOU is a dream realized by Kathleen Barsotti and Martin Barnes and ultimately their entire family. Kathy and Martin began organically farming in 1976 at their Capay Organic in Yolo County, California.

Farming organic produce was a struggle in the early years, as the regulations for certifying crops as organic were strict, but such natural farming is a passion and belief, not merely a way to make money and the business grew through Farmers’ Markets and supplying some Bay Area gourmet restaurants with fresh, wholesome fruits and vegetables that provided a “live” flavor and potent nutrition to their patrons.

The offspring of Kathy and Martin grew up with Capay Organic and learned the family business, in addition to other endeavors. In 1992, Kathy began FARM FRESH TO YOU, a farm-to-home/office delivery program that brings fresh, organic fruits and vegetables right to customers’ doors! Kathy’s idea grew well and paid off in expanding business and satisfied customers. As a result, in the past 16 years, her sons and their wives have taken over the farm and FARM FRESH TO YOU, continuing the legacy that Kathy and Martin began 40 years ago.

All who appreciate fresh, organic fruits and vegetables are the beneficiaries of their work and you can enjoy this excellent service too! To become a customer, you simply go to the website type in your Zip Code to see if you are in the FARM FRESH TO YOU delivery range and if you are, you then choose the box size, the content mix and frequency of delivery and place your order. It could not be simpler. You are not locked in to a commitment, either. You can change the contents of your box or suspend delivery to suit a change in your schedule or vacation. If you are a regular partaker of organic produce, you know how delicious these vegetables are and the convenience of having them brought right to your door makes ordering from FARM FRESH TO YOU an easy decision for health and great taste! Please visit the website, peruse their wide selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables and get ready for a wonderful organic experience! E.S.


California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom – Free K-12 Teaching Resources


California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom provides free K-12 teaching resources available for free downloading at LearnAboutAg.org (lesson plans, fact sheets, student newspapers and more). California educators can request print copies, shipped at no expense.

The Plant Science lesson plans (http://learnaboutag.org/resources/learn_plant.cfm) help students discover what plants need to grow through hands-on lessons and activities: Fun with the Plant Nutrient Team (K-3), What Do Plants Need to Grow? (2-4), Too Much? Too Little? (5-8), and Chemistry, Fertilizer, and the Environment (8-12). All resources are aligned to current California Standards. The organization also provides an annual teacher conference (July 14-15, 2017) and the Imagine this… Story Writing Contest for grades 3-8 (November 1 annual deadline). Learn more and request free resources at LearnAboutAg.org.

Excellence In Education (EIE) based in Monrovia, serves all of California as the largest homeschool book/game store & resource center in the state, offering an extensive array of products, services and guidance based on many years of experience. www.excellenceineducation.com/ Ph: (626) 821-0025

Deeper Roots Publications – Missions, Homeschool and Christian School Resources – Call 407-797-8557
Deeper Roots publishes a large line of quality Bible-based homeschooling curriculum with Teachers’ Guides & Student Workbooks for grades 7 to 12; an Encouragement for Homeschool Moms series; young child devotional materials; and a very interesting book (free download) about some of the Crow Indians who were Christians in the late 1800s, working as scouts for Gen. Custer. They also publish devotional Bible study/journal books for long and short-term missionaries (on-field & reentry). To see their wide array of materials and resources, visit www.DeeperRoots@aol.com.