Math Essentials Make Math Enticing and Fun

By Anna Stevens

Age Range: 9 years old to Algebra
Cost Range: $10.50 to $23.95
Subject: Math from elementary to algebra
Location: Los Gatos, California
Ph: 408-314-4573

 Mathematics can be one of the most challenging aspects of homeschooling for many families. At best, it is tolerated as a necessary part of education; oftentimes, it is merely a compliance exercise – covering the information as needed. Countless families report massive battles that become part of their routine; a daily ritual to force mathematical facts into the brains of their children. Given the lack of interest and engagement all around, it should not be surprising that many students are not fans of Math. 

 However, the biggest deficit in most mathematics curricula lies in this problematic approach to teaching the content. Math need not be a combat operation – it should be a fun adventure for every child! Math Essentials was created by teacher and mathematician, Rick Fisher, to provide all children a math curriculum that they actually enjoy.

 While teaching for more than 30 years in the Silicon Valley, Mr. Fisher continuously developed these user-friendly, easy-to-understand materials for students around the world. Rather than simply delivering the content to kids, Math Essentials teaches the content to kids. Students develop the specific skills and reasoning that are essential to excel in math, through fun and engaging materials. Detailed on his website, Mr. Fisher lists these essential skills that all kids need to learn and describes them as “the critical foundations of algebra.” All of the Math Essentials learning materials are designed to ensure that students fully master these critical foundations.

 All families who are tired of the monotonously dull math drills that accompany your current math curricula – toss those torture texts out! In 20 minutes a day, the Math Essentials workbook series provides your student everything s/he needs to succeed. Every lesson is designed to be non-intimidating and easy to understand, delivered in a simple format that kids can complete quickly. And best of all, with Math Essentials there will be no more rote memorization or cramming for the next test! Each day, students begin with quick review exercises – continuously reviewing material to ensure that kids truly master the skills they are learning, instead of simply memorizing. Then, new material is introduced with sample exercises and a Helpful Hints section, before students complete a series of math exercises on their own.

 For extra help, each workbook arrives with a unique password that you can use to set up an account online. Kids can go online and watch a video with a detailed explanation for every lesson. This is perfect for those students that have a hard time mastering a specific math skill, or are struggling to learn new material. The videos are age-appropriate and walkthrough all the material that is covered in a way that connects with kids, without “talking down” to them.

 In addition to the award-winning Math Essentials workbook series, parents can order DVDs that provide the content, using the same results-driven teaching format. You will be amazed at how much your student can learn in the span of one school year, using the Math Essentials system! These are great for students who need extra practice, or are still struggling to learn previous material. They are fun and fast- paced, ensuring that students are never bored! And now parents can try out the outstanding website created by Mr. Fisher, Kids can watch the wonderful video tutorials and complete different types of assessments online – all within the platform. Students earn awards and certificates, as they master new material and demonstrate their math skills. And both parents and students obtain access to the student’s personal dashboard, detailing their progress in a simple, concise format. For more information, including pricing and customer reviews, please visit the website AS