San Diego County

  • Branson Academy – We are a private homeschool satellite program that serves all counties in California.  High school, special needs, or brand new to homeschooling? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy experienced support through our K-12 program. We take care of school transfers, maintain your child’s academic reports and transcripts, and help you homeschool successfully. Easy, affordable, flexible. Call Cynthia Simunovich at 831.726.3235 for personal guidance in exploring your home-based educational options.
  • North County Catholic Homeschoolers – Join the weekly Father Francis class at a Catholic Church in Escondido or sign up with the ReginaCaeli yahoo group to get emails on field trips and gatherings. Contact Michele for yahoo group info and invite. Contact information: Email Michele Bru or call (858) 679-2101.
  • San Diego Christian Homeschools [SDCH] – Activities for all ages including free Park Days, monthly field trips, classes and more. Our group is made up of families, most of whom are Christians and independent homeschoolers, however we are open to families of all beliefs and all homeschool methods. We are not affiliated with any church, private or charter school, or any ISPs, but we do have several families who use these methods in their homeschooling. Membership is $25/year. Contact information: Email San Diego Christian Homeschools or call (858) 353-1439.
  • San Diego Home Educators – Contact information: Call Celia Ewing at (619) 281-6581.
  • San Diego Homeschool Resource Center – Offering homeschool information, free monthly e-zine, directory of teachers and classes.



  • Greater San Diego Academy Charter Homeschool –  If you’ve considered a homeschool program for your child, we can help! Greater San Diego Academy offers homeschool programs for Grades K-12 in San Diego County and Southern California. Contact Melinda Newkirk, Business Office Technician  (619) 669-3051
  • San Diego Neighborhood SDNH is a homeschool program that honors the place of Parent,Teacher and Student as a cadre of lifelong learners.  Contact Luis Torres 760.295.1117 Office Manager
  • Mountain Peak Charter The Home School Program is a program of Mountain Peak Charter School which provides a wide range of resources and value added opportunities to customize a student’s learning experiences through Home School instruction. Tammy Vawter Home School Program Lead & Home School Teacher E-mail:
  • Graced Christian  Our goal is to assist parents in the character training of their children with Bible based curriculum and an individualized system of learning. Contact



The Creation & Earth History Museum is dedicated to the biblical account of science & history, showcasing a literal 6-day creation and young earth.Our unique museum is one of 15 creation museums in the U.S. and the largest on the West Coast, including a 10,000 sq. foot facility with over 15 exhibits that declare the works of our Creator. Located 20 minutes east of downtown San Diego in Santee, CA, we are open 7 days a week and private guided tours are available. Plan a future visit by calling today 619.599.1104 • 10946 Woodside Ave. N, Santee, CA 92071

Deeper Roots Publications – Missions, Homeschool and Christian School Resources – Call 407-797-8557
Deeper Roots publishes a large line of quality Bible-based homeschooling curriculum with Teachers’ Guides & Student Workbooks for grades 7 to 12; an Encouragement for Homeschool Moms series; young child devotional materials; and a very interesting book (free download) about some of the Crow Indians who were Christians in the late 1800s, working as scouts for Gen. Custer. They also publish devotional Bible study/journal books for long and short-term missionaries (on-field & reentry). To see their wide array of materials and resources, visit