Sonoma County

The most important thing for homeschool success is to mingle and socialize with other homeschooling families. Being a member of a support group allows you to share resources and information with them as well as to remind you that you are not alone in your home-teaching journey. Your county support groups can offer you families with common goals and interests to yours.

IMPORTANT:Note: Our information includes both Parent-led Homeschool Support Groups and Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs) formerly known as Independent Study Programs (ISPs).

What’s the difference?

The difference is that typically, the Parent-led Homeschool Support Groups are created by families for families to get together for social activities, such as park days, P.E. activities, organized classes, field trips and other “group” types of endeavors. Some require a general membership fee, but most do not. You can usually show up at a park day and meet the parents and children to see how you like the group.

PSPs or ISPs are private schools, usually small in enrollment, but schools nonetheless. Homeschooling families may enroll and pay tuition, in order to receive the administrative support of a school. This includes record-keeping of attendance, grades, testing and transcripts preparation.

To separate them, we have placed the letters PSP or ISP in the title of such schools.

  • Sonoma County Homeschoolers Association [SCHA] – An inclusive group supporting all homeschoolers in our county! Over 200 families involved! We have a growing population of kids from babies to teens. Many activities offered by club members including homeschool information chats, park days, parties, classes, a yahoo group, and fieldtrips. (Note: We also have a thriving homeschool 4-H club. Contact Diana Hampton at 707-833-2002 regarding 4-H.) Contact information:Email Susie Miller or call (707) 829-9473.
  • Sonoma UNschoolers Network [SUNN] – A growing and enthusiastic community of unschoolers who meet for lively chats, park days, and picnics. Get support, learn more about unschooling, and connect with kids of all ages. Contact information: Email Joanna Murphy or call (707) 528-2128, or Email Barbara Chase.
  • Mark West Charter School  Grades: K-8 Counties Served: Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano and Sonoma Independent Home Study Phone  707-524-2741  Fax  707-524-2782  Email   To help develop young adults who are confident, academically challenged and aware of their community. Students are supported through technology, hands on project learning and caring staff members.
  • Orchard View School  Grades: K-12 Counties Served: Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano and Sonoma   Main Office: (707) 823-4709  Fax: (707) 823-6187  Office Manager: Terri Cirimele   Utilizing a non-traditional learning environment, Orchard View School treats each student as a person with unique needs, skills, goals, and interests. Supervising teachers design individualized lesson plans that offer flexibility in the implementation of the student’s educational goals and objectives. Students meet regularly with a credentialed supervising teacher who works with the parents and students to develop and monitor the academic program.
  • Pathways Charter School   Grades: K-12 Counties Served: Lake, Marin, Napa, Solano and Sonoma    Phone: 707-585-6510  Toll Free: 1-800-622-9403  Pathways Charter School provides an individualized, home-based, independent study educational option to self-directed students from diverse backgrounds in grades K-12 living in five North Bay Area Counties
  • Pivot Charter School, North Bay  Grades: 6-12 Counties Served: Lake, Marin, Napa, Solano and Sonoma  Call 707-843-4676   The program is designed to utilize an online curriculum coupled with site based offerings that allows students to work at their own pace, receive immediate online tutoring, and participate in small group instruction classes and tutorials with site-based California-credentialed teachers.

Mill Valley Chickens – Full Service Poultry Sales in the Bay Area

415- 389 – 8216

Offering a full range of services for urban and suburban back yard farmers, Mill Valley Chickens based in Marin County is a valuable gem.  Mill Valley Chickens hand raises their heritage chickens; custom designs and builds backyard chicken coops and runs; offers entry level classes on raising backyard chickens; and also has a complete line of chicken feed, supplies and products, such as heaters, feeders, water dishes and more, that are specifically designed for backyard chicken enthusiasts.

Mill Valley Chickens is also available for private on site consultations, coop cleanings and offers home visits and deliveries to their service area – Marin, San Francisco, East Bay, Sonoma, the Peninsula and Santa Clara counties.


California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom – Free K-12 Teaching Resources

California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom provides free K-12 teaching resources available for free downloading at (lesson plans, fact sheets, student newspapers and more). California educators can request print copies, shipped at no expense.

The Plant Science lesson plans ( help students discover what plants need to grow through hands-on lessons and activities: Fun with the Plant Nutrient Team (K-3), What Do Plants Need to Grow? (2-4), Too Much? Too Little? (5-8), and Chemistry, Fertilizer, and the Environment (8-12). All resources are aligned to current California Standards. The organization also provides an annual teacher conference (July 14-15, 2017) and the Imagine this… Story Writing Contest for grades 3-8 (November 1 annual deadline). Learn more and request free resources at