Homeschooling his five children led him to found the school for others.

The next time you encounter skeptical family members about your homeschooling activity, you might want to tell the critics to look for information about the school Elon Musk owns, which grew out of his homeschooling is own five children. It is called Ad Astra, which means “to the stars” and now accepts students from outside of the Musk family and outside of homeschooling.

Musk recognized that the traditional public or private school system did not prepare children in the Alpha Generation (born between 2010 and 2035) for the world they will inhabit. Homeschoolers have known for 30+ years that the system no longer worked to prepare children for the world. That is the main reason for homeschooling the last decades – not religious reasons, but academic and social reasons.

Musk also realized what we might call Learning Styles Interests – one child might love math, another is crazy about Language Arts, and so on. No one, rigid approach works for all. He also knew that critical thinking is the crown of “education”. Learning to analyze problems and enjoyably solve them, is the hub of daily living. Not having well-developed critical thinking skills leads to frustration and depression at feeling helpless in a “hostile” world.

Musk’s Ad Astra school is not homeschooling in the traditional sense and it is not intended to be; however, the fact that a person like Elon Musk homeschooled his children, fully recognizing the value of it, should give skeptics a full plate of food for thought; the same goes for parents who might consider homeschooling.