Tulare County



The most important thing for homeschool success is to mingle and socialize with other homeschooling families. Being a member of a support group allows you to share resources and information with them as well as to remind you that you are not alone in your home-teaching journey. Your county support groups can offer you families with common goals and interests to yours.

IMPORTANT:Note: Our information includes both Parent-led Homeschool Support Groups and Private School Satellite Programs (PSPs) formerly known as Independent Study Programs (ISPs).

What’s the difference?

The difference is that typically, the Parent-led Homeschool Support Groups are created by families for families to get together for social activities, such as park days, P.E. activities, organized classes, field trips and other “group” types of endeavors. Some require a general membership fee, but most do not. You can usually show up at a park day and meet the parents and children to see how you like the group.

PSPs or ISPs are private schools, usually small in enrollment, but schools nonetheless. Homeschooling families may enroll and pay tuition, in order to receive the administrative support of a school. This includes record-keeping of attendance, grades, testing and transcripts preparation.

To separate them, we have placed the letters PSP or ISP in the title of such schools.

  • Branson Academy – We are a private homeschool satellite program that serves all counties in California.  High school, special needs, or brand new to homeschooling? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy experienced support through our K-12 program. We take care of school transfers, maintain your child’s academic reports and transcripts, and help you homeschool successfully. Easy, affordable, flexible. Call Cynthia Simunovich at 831.726.3235 for personal guidance in exploring your home-based educational options.



  • Tulare County Homeschoolers  http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/tulare-county-homeschool/info  This group is for all homeschoolers, charter schoolers and alternative schoolers, even public schoolers that are interested in a different type of education or looking for resources to help their child in their education.


  • Central Valley Home School (http://www.cvhomeschool.net/) At Central Valley Home School we focus on your child’s potential. For over 15 years our experienced educators, staff and accredited traditional and online programs have supported the flexible learning plans your child deserves to advance at their own pace and family schedule.   Homeschooling has made significant gains in public perception and among public-school educators. Personal homeschooling success stories are all over the media. Colleges and universities across the nation are welcoming homeschooled kids. And the reasons are the same. Homeschooled children display self confidence along with strong self-esteem. They are not influenced easily by peers and enjoy the unrestricted journey of learning at home and in their communities.
  • Welcome to Charter Home School Academy, ( http://www2.visalia.k12.ca.us/homeschool/) a homeschooling program for students in kindergarten through eighth grades. We embrace home schooling as a positive alternative for parents who want to meet individual needs by teaching their children at home.
  • Sierra Charter School (http://www.sierracharter.org/index.html ) Sierra Charter School is a California K-12 WASC-accredited public school serving students through personalized learning, who are seeking a non-traditional educational setting. We proudly offer parents more freedom of choice in the education of their children at no cost or tuition. Personalized Learning is an approach to education that tailors learning according to the individual needs of each student.
  • Valley Oaks Charter School (http://community.kern.org/valleyoaks/) The mission of the school is to support parents seeking assistance and accountability in their homeschooling endeavors. To provide high quality learning experiences, parents, working in partnership with credentialed teachers, will access the vast and diverse resources of the school and community including the museums of Kern County.

California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom – Free K-12 Teaching Resources 


California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom provides free K-12 teaching resources for homeschoolers available for free downloading at LearnAboutAg.org (lesson plans, fact sheets, student newspapers and more). California educators can request print copies, shipped at no expense.

The Plant Science lesson plans (http://learnaboutag.org/resources/learn_plant.cfm) help students discover what plants need to grow through hands-on lessons and activities: Fun with the Plant Nutrient Team (K-3), What Do Plants Need to Grow? (2-4), Too Much? Too Little? (5-8), and Chemistry, Fertilizer, and the Environment (8-12). All resources are aligned to current California Standards. The organization also provides an annual teacher conference (July 14-15, 2017) and the Imagine this… Story Writing Contest for grades 3-8 (November 1 annual deadline). Learn more and request free resources at LearnAboutAg.org.