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by Emerson Sandow

Discount Rocketry is a manufacturer and reseller of model rockets. They are avid rocketeers and attend launches all over the Southwest – suspended until Covid-19 restrictions are resolved. At that time, visit the Launch Schedule section of their website for information.

Rocketry – the study and practice of rocket building and launching – is an excellent way to learn a variety of scientific disciplines while having fun. By now, it is common knowledge that what a person learns while having fun is absorbed faster and retained longer than learning by rote.

Model Rocketry presents many basic engineering concepts, such as engine choice, fuel choice and elimination of wind drag in overall design. Discount Rocketry offers Open Source Model Rocket Design software that allows the user to design and develop a rocket much like professional rocket engineers do, on a smaller scale and with different components. The basics of physics and engineering are the same and the problem-solving requirements are as well. Much of rocket work is analyzing weak points and finding ways to strengthen them. Real rocket engines are tested to the point of failure for this reason. While the model rocket engineer needn’t go that far, there will be an element of correction and analysis involved in a successful design and launch to achieve optimum flight performance.

Discount Rocketry also offers a link to YouTube videos of various model rocket launches and assembly videos for a variety of rocket kits they offer.

Discount Rocketry also has a page dedicated to the laws and restrictions applicable to model rocket components and launch safety nationwide. The engine sizes are limited by age of the user unless an adult is supervising the launch. In California, the State Fire Marshal’s seal of approval must be on all model rockets. The National Association of Rocketry offers extensive information including rocket competitions, sport rocketry clubs and much more for the budding rocketboy or girl and their parents!

If you want an excellent supplement to your science curriculum, consider model rocketry and lift off to learning fun! Ω