English composition Instruction Online for Grades 6 – 12 and a new textbook!


Author: Veldorah Rice
Mission: To provide a high-quality English program to homeschooled students around the world.

By Emerson Sandow

Write From the Heart has been a source of teaching English online since 2005. What began as one class has expanded to offering for all students 6-12 in both year long and monthly classes, as well as literature and AP English offerings for high school students.  Veldorah Rice, the owner and director, also offers one-on-one coaching to fit every student’s needs.

Ms. Rice holds three BA degrees — in English, History, and Communication from Grove City College and a dual MA degree in English and Film Studies from University of Pittsburgh.

Now, besides the Online English Classes offered by Write From the Heart, Ms. Rice has a new book – Write From the Heart Resource Guide, which addresses the broad spectrum of writing matters the student will encounter:

  • Planning the writing
  • Drafts
  • Creative Writing Styles.
  • Academic Writing Styles
  • Research
  • MLA citation styles and more

She also offers to Middle school/high school students — Online English Composition classes with a workshop approach.

Your child’s paper is reviewed:

  • At the outline stage by a writing coach
  • After each revision by two separate peers in the class.
  • In an instructional “conference” with a writing coach.
  • After the final draft by a writing coach using a grading rubric.

Thoughtful writing is an essential skill for all people. The workshop allows students to work together and learn from each other with guidance from the writing coach.

Veldorah Rice has all of the information the student needs to develop organized thinking in her Resource Guide. Do your child a favor and order a copy today at https://writefromtheheart.org/ and jump into the world of English Composition! E.S.